About St Paul’s Boys High School

st Paul’s Boys High school Gathuki-ini was started as an intermediate Primary school in the early 50’s. It was later converted into a Secondary school with Form One and Form Two ( K.J.S.E level ). The first form Ones were enrolled in 1967 ( single stream).

The school was taken over by the Government in 1973 as a day school. Hostel facilities were constructed in 1974 for those students who came from far.

The school started a second stream( Harambee ) in 1977.

The school is sponsored by the Angrican church of Kenya( A.C.K) and is run by Board of Managers (B.O.M) appointed by the Minister for Education.

The school was a mixed school since 1973 but phased out girls in 2009.

The school has had myriad of problems and this has hampered its student growth and physical development. However, these problems have been addressed and the school has attained its status.

Currently, it is registered  as a three stream Boys High  School with a population of 320 students.